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      Pricing Information

                   Stock Photography               
We have worked with such a variety of clientele over the past 30 years that we decided that a set price schedule would not be wise.  Pricing is most often determined by usage, size and print run, but not always.  We try to offer the best service at the most reasonable price. We are known to be less expensive than the high end of most price ranges, and at the same time, we will not be the lowest priced.   All of the images on our site are images that only we have taken, so we do not have to factor in the commission to photographers like an agency would.  As a result, this usually gives us a chance to offer you a very reasonable price.  Our imagery is "rights-protected" and you will not see these images on any royalty-free disk.  This is to protect our customers and to provide the highest quality of service.

To determine the final cost for an image (or multiple images) please call or e-mail us and let us talk with you to see what would be fair to both of us.  Or, if you would prefer, you can send us an e-mail to indicate your budget and we will get back to right away to let you know if we can accept your pricing.

            Assignment Photography              
A major part of our work has always been custom assignment photography.  When you have a photo need that requires some unique, original shooting, please contact us to discuss your project.  We shoot in digital format, so any new photography we do is posted to a web address usually later in the day. Final, edited images, can be posted to another web address usually within a few hours of the photo selection from the online preview site.   Or, if you choose, you can have your own in-house graphics team do the final work with the original camera files.

Phone:  888.653.1344


All images are copyright protected.


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